Selected-Waveband Pyrometer

About the selected waveband pyrometer

The selected-waveband pyrometer is sensitive to one waveband only, e.g. 5Ám, and is dedicated to particular, special situations where other forms of pyrometer are inaccurate. One example of such a situation is measuring the temperature of steel billets which are being heated in a furnace. If an ordinary radiation pyrometer is aimed through the furnace door at a hot billet, it receives radiation from the furnace walls (by reflection off the billet) as well as radiation from the billet itself.


If the temperature of the furnace walls is measured by a thermocouple, a correction can be made for the reflected radiation, but variations in transmission losses inside the furnace through fumes, etc., make this correction inaccurate. However, if a carefully chosen selected-waveband pyrometer is used, this transmission loss can be minimized and the measurement accuracy is thereby greatly improved.

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